Optical Quality Control System

Optoelectronic system for 3D scanning, measuring height and micro assemblies linear CCD sizes. Control is carried out using drivers by the movement of a given position. The position of the scanning beam is controlled by the driver due to the included in the feedback of the two raster-type sensors with accuracy in determining the position of +/-0.5 microns.

Driver moves the scanning 2D scanner as X and Y. In the end points of the platform set limit switches to avoid increased loads on the driver when jamming of the screw.

Software controls scanning process, provides interpretation and converts the data to a set of spatial coordinates. Software structure includes calculator that allows to carry out the necessary calculations to measure the height, size and position of linear CCD micro assemblies. The intuitive user interface enables quick scanning and processing of the data.

Measurement accuracy is +/-0.5 microns, measurement range is 250x500x40 mm.

метрологическая система контроля 1


метрологический контроль 2


метрологический контроль 3


метрологический контроль 4

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