Laser Rangefinder

The mobile laser rangefinder is connected to the phone by a rigid structure and via Bluetooth, it works as a single system.

BSP eCos 3.0

BSP eCos 3.0 for AT91SAM9x25 and Xilinx Microblaze platforms.

Thermal Imaging Devices

System for smart glasses that allows you to see the heart.

C300 Lenze

C300 Lenze TI Sitara AM3872 based solution.

Fast/Fix Decoder

FAST / FIX software-hardware decoder based on FPGA.

Temperature & heartbeat optical measuring

Optical body temperature and heart rate meter solution.

GSM Gateway

GSM-gate is designed for mobile subscribers switching.

Portable Gas Analyzer

Individual four-channel portable gas analyzer for detecting and monitoring concentration of gazes.

Vision Inspection System

Machine vision system for optical quality control of technological processes.

Optical Quality Control System

Optoelectronic system for 3D scanning, measuring height and micro assemblies linear CCD sizes.

VoIP Gateway

VoIP gateway for voiceover IP functions.

Observer Location System via Video Sequence

Algorithm of an observer location via video sequence.

LED-RGB Screen Controller

LED-RGD screen controller is used in inquiry systems and it helps to display effective data and media content.

DSP algorithms for automatic sorting

Digital image processing algorithm finds any possible defects.

Telemetry Controllers & Humidity Indicators

Telemetry controllers and humidity indicators that are used by integrator company as a part of microclimate system.

Test module for ASICs development

Custom test module for ASICs.

This section presents examples of works and projects implemented by AXONIM developers. A significant part of all tasks that we meet are various embedded systems and solutions - processor modules, custom built-in systems, digital devices.
Our engineers regularly run development and technical support projects in the field of industrial automation - such as different hardware solutions desing and re-engineering, customers' hardware and software systems development and technical support, research and development,  technical issues eliminating, new solutions integration. In the field of communications, we have developed a number of hardware-software devices that combine various communication channels - radio, GSM, Ethernet, IP, etc.
For the consumer electronics and handheld devices market, AXONIM Devices engineers are carring out various projects including new product outsourced development services, prototyping and subsequent manufacturing. Separately, we can also highlight our competence and wide range of solved tasks and designed embedded solutions for digital optical devices - algorithms, electronics, printed circuit boards, processor modules, software. Prototyping and preparation for serial production of various optical devices - thermal imagers, monoculars, binoculars, digital attachments for sights.
The tasks of images and video processing can be shurely called as a very strong competence of AXONIM Devices engineers as well. Over the years, we have been regularly implementing projects dealing with the algorithms development for processing images and video data, color correction algorithms, eliminating defects, increasing resolution and detailing. Some examples of the executed projects may include: automatic scanning, automated monitoring and measurement systems, thermal imagers, night vision devices, computer vision, laser scanning, etc.