FPGA based solutions development

Field-programmable gate array - FPGA is an electronic module when creating digital integrated circuits. The logic of the FPGA is set by the programmer by designing the logic of the operation, or by other words of programming. It is a semiconductor device that consists of configurable logic blocks similar to switches with multiple inputs and one output, so-called logic gates.

For programming, the developer uses programmers and evaluation environments, these tools allow creating the required structure of the digital device being developed, the device in the form of a circuit diagram or software in the corresponding languages for the description of the equipment: VHDL, Verilog, Veri, etc.

FPGA based development allows solving many tasks of streaming and parallel processing of signals, data in the design of various digital devices, hardware-software complexes of extensive functionality and various capabilities.

Examples of such devices are devices with a large number of Input / Output ports. Digital signal processing devices, digital optical devices, digital audio devices, high-speed data transmission devices, cryptographic devices, hardware and software solutions for information security systems and much more.

In the embedded electronic solutions development AXONIM engineers use systems on a programmable chip (SoC), which allow to adapt the developed device for specific tasks and to include the computational core in the FPGA.

The use of FPGA based solutions allows to provide more free space on the PCB, if necessary reduce the PCB in size, simplify the development of the printed circuit board, optimize data flows.

FPGA based solutions are often used in signal processing devices, provide more logical elements, more flexible architecture. The software for FPGA is stored in distributed memory and is executed on the basis of volatile cells of static RAM.

In cases where the software is stored in volatile memory, each time you turn on the power of the chip, you must reconfigure it using a bootloader that can be built directly into the FPGA. FPGAs are among the fastest digital signal processing processors. FPGAs are also used as accelerators for universal processors in supercomputers.

Alternative solutions for the development of devices based on the FPGA can be: a programmable logic controller (PLC), a basic matrix crystal (BMC), ASIC - a specialized large-scale integrated circuit (LSI), a specialized computer, a processor, a microcontroller that work much slower in comparison with FPGA based solutions.

AXONIM engineering competences in FPGA / CPLD based design:

  • application of hardware description languages Verilog, VHDL;
  • the use of NIOS II processor cores, Microblaze in combination with CAN, USB, Ethernet, PCI-e, DDR3, and other modules;
  • solutions development for digital signal processing;
  • solutions upgrade to the actual element base;
  • algorithms integration into digital systems using FPGA;
  • interface-service functions implementation in FPGA;
  • testing and verification systems development (HDL, C ++);
  • debugging and verification;
  • evaluation of the code coverage ratio during testing.

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