DSP Algorithms Development

Digital signal processing algorithms development

The list of the AXONIM development teams’ competencies in the field of digital signal processing algorithms development include the following specializations.

signal processing algorithms development:

  • signal filtering;
  • restoration of signals against background noise;
  • customized algorithms for signal processing.

video processing algorithms development:

  • custom algorithms development;
  • realization of own and provided by the Customer algorithms on serial processors or FPGA;
  • allocation of objects - living objects, landscape, vehicles and the definition of their characteristics;
  • image stabilization;
  • coordinates of objects restoring on several images from different points;
  • determining the position of the observer by several of the images he observes.

laser scanner algorithms development:

  • restoration of the profile of the observed object;
  • restoration of a 3D scene;
  • formation of technical requirements.

radio signals processing algorithms development:

  • program-defined radio;
  • error control codes;
  • connection monitoring;
  • peak processing;
  • analog sound processing;
  • adaptive synchronization;
  • FFT processing;
  • modulation / demodulation - AM, FM, FSK, PSK, QAM, etc. processing with FPGA solutions;
  • narrowband, broadband demodulation and filtering;
  • demodulation based on the ADC directly from the first intermediate frequency (up to 200 MHz in width up to 6 KHz);
  • MCU software for radio receiver and transmitter control.

communication signals processing algorithms development:

  • carrier recovery;
  • synchronization;EQ;
  • echo cancellation;
  • modulation / demodulation - AM, FM, FSK, PSK, QAM, QPSK, others;
  • error-correcting codes - Hamming, Golay, BCH, trillis, turbo codes, etc.

audio processing algorithms development:

  • step shift;
  • audio streaming;
  • sound effects;
  • automatic alignment;
  • noise suppression.

Also Including,

  • simulation of the developed algorithms;
  • design and configuration of the test environment on hardware;
  • algorithms adjustment to architectural features of the platform;
  • application of highly specialized hardware.

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