Development for freeRTOS

Software Development Services for freeRTOS

The AXONIM engineering extensive competences include the development of systems and solutions for the freeRTOS real-time operating system.

Frequent tasks that are performed by our programmers working with freeRTOS are:

  • embedded software for freeRTOS development;
  • transfer and adaptation to the target platform, including DSP processors from Texas Instruments and / or Analog Devices;
  • transfer of communication stacks - lwIP, BSD, ModBus, ProfiNet;
  • support for Ethernet, WiFi, BlueTooth, RSxxx;
  • software design for SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, LCD, VGA, TV-OUT, ADC, DACEEPROM / FLASH (NAND, NOR), SD / MMC, USB-FLASH;
  • adaptation, migration and support of file systems;
  • user software design;
  • test software design;
  • user interface development;
  • testing and debugging on hardware;
  • source code, development tools, debugging tools, repository for different operating systems, software documentation writing for software delivery to the Customer.

Read in Russian: разработка печатной платы устройства